What are the characteristics of film capacitors?

2020-12-21 16:09:45

1) Energy saving and consumption reduction: the volume is reduced by about 50%, which can save about 50% of land steel, silver, and engineering plastic stool resources, reduce the power loss of wires, joints, and devices by about 50%, and reduce power consumption.

2) Temperature protection: The film capacitor is equipped with a temperature sensor, which can reflect the overcurrent, overharmonic, excessive leakage current and high ambient temperature of the capacitor, which will cause the internal heating of the metal film capacitor. It realizes over-temperature protection, automatically cuts off the capacitor after the set temperature is exceeded, and exits the operation to achieve the purpose of protecting the equipment. It is a protection expert in electrical appliances.

3) Ease of expansion: the number of power capacitors can be increased at any time, changing the limitations of complex and invariable wiring in the conventional mode, adapting to the needs of enterprise development, and realizing diversification.

4) Remarkable effect: ensure the system voltage is stable and qualified, improve the power factor, and predict the input membrane capacitance. If the input capacitor is excessively supplemented, it will not be input to avoid excessive reactive power. Improve the effective contribution of the distribution transformer, reduce investment in capacity expansion, reduce losses and save energy.

5) Easy maintenance: the man-machine interface is simple, and the interface displays the protection action types: overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, three-phase unbalance, etc. The smart power capacitor has a self-diagnosis function, which can reflect faults such as electronic switches, capacitors, air switches, and intelligent module network communications on the display screen, which is conducive to troubleshooting.

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