A Small Film Capacitor's Process Journey

Overcoming barriers step by step, and saying goodbye to the history of repeated rework and returns to the factory for repair
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    Source factory with a complete range of product models and a fully stocked inventory to provide high standard on-demand customized products

    Film Capacitors

    16 rigorous processes; from raw material to finish products. Creating Interference Suppression film capacitors that meet the safety certification requirements.
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    Ceramic Capacitors

    12 rounds of testing, surmounting obstacles at each step of the way, is the strong backing behind the quality.
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    22°C constant temperature storage; throughly protected. Reducing procurement costs with one capacitor for three.
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    SMD type Y Capacitors

    Self-plugging, cost-effective, VDE ENEC UL CQC KC certified capacitors of class X1 Y1.
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    Dedicated to the electronic components industry for 21 years, to provide you with high-quality products and services
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