Advantages and disadvantages of CBB capacitors (polypropylene capacitors)

2020-12-21 16:09:45

1. High water resistance, not corroded by strong acid and alkali, and strong resistance to organic solvents.

2. Excellent electrical properties, high dielectric strength, small loss tangent, and little relationship with temperature and frequency.

3. The temperature resistance of polypropylene is relatively poor. Inferior and cheap ordinary CBB capacitors on the market can only withstand 85°C, while weidy's high-quality CBB capacitors can withstand temperatures up to 105°C. The higher the temperature, the longer the life.

There are many CBB capacitors, the common ones are CBB21/CBB22, CBB20 axial capacitors, CBB13/81 high voltage capacitors, MMKP82 double-sided metal capacitors, CBB61 starting capacitors, etc.

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